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Tv Fm Antenna Splitter

Introducing the perfect addition to any tv receiver's arsenal - the tv fm antenna splitter! This amazing piece of technology provides a small form factor and high-quality reception, perfect for using with an older tv receiver that doesn't have any vhf antennas. The tv fm antenna splitter is a must-have for anyone who loves tv and its all-important vhf channels.

Tv Fm Antenna Splitter Ebay

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Tv Fm Antenna Splitter Amazon

This is a great new bandseparator adapter for tv users who want to uselo mexico's uhfvhffm band with another country's frequency. The splitter can be used with tv antennas that are either uhf or u2hf. The splitter can handle up to 75 ohms of electrical resistance, which is often used in conjunction with uhf tv antennas. this tvfm bandsplitter is designed to help extend the radio experience beyond your main tv provider. With this accessory, you can enjoy tv channels from a wider area without having to cross-check with your main provider. The uhf tvfm bandsplitter is perfect for those who want to enjoy tv channels without having to worry about whether they're including all of the uhf channels with their aired channels. this unit provides four haptic feedback tvfm antennasplitter with a 5-900mhz tvpcus band. The unit has a sturdy construction and is easy to use. It provides independent tvpcus and fm operation at 4k report levels 3-5. this is a great value for your tv or movie theater! This antenna splitter lets you splice both fm and fm radio frequencies to create a 2 way antenna. The male plug is for the tv or movie theater plug in, while the female plug is for use with radios. The antenna is easilyonelinessed by xlr input and can be used with any tv or movie theater.